The Viking ship or corsair or Pirate ship is one of the most amusing rides in any amusement park. The ship is designed to move back and forth in a horizontal axis around the swing. This effect emulates the feeling that you experience when riding on an actual ship on the sea. Unlike a real ship which is made up of steel, Pirate ships are made up of light-weight fiberglass materials which are reinforced with FRP plastics to ensure strong and lightweight ship. Other accessories that are equipped with the ship includes music, durable and non-fading painting, LED lights and many more.

Pirate ships come in various sizes which means that the power requirements also varies. Depending on where the ship is going to be installed, that is, be it kindergarten, amusement park, residential area, preschool or even supermarkets, the choice is always based on the amount of power it requires. Most conventional Pirate ships have power rating between 3kW to over 75kW. The more powerful it is, the more passengers it can carry, for instance, an 8-seater Pirate ship runs at 3kW while a 40-seater ship swings at 75kW. One of the most important aspect to consider on Pirate ships is its safety standards. The ship must be safe for both kids and adults.

Before you purchase your Pirate ship, you should always consider the afore-mentioned properties and only buy from reputable manufacturers to guarantee quality and safety. Our services are always reliable at any time, and our products are highly competitive in terms of price and quality. The guidelines provided above can help you choose the best Pirate ship for your application. Our Pirate ships are tested to meet the standards such as CE, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and other international standards, therefore you donꊰ have to worry about safety and quality.